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Regret is a gamblers curse, scientists say

On the left, the dots indicate the positions of the electrodes in each of the 10 subjects, distinguished by color. During normal activity (middle), the electrodes (black dots) show little activity (red) in the OFC region that deals with regret. During the betting game, however (right), after learning the outcome of the bet, many electrodes record activity in the area where we feel regret (red). “Right after making a choice and right before finding out about the outcome, the brain is replaying and revisiting nearly every feature of what happened during the previous decision,” said senior author Ming Hsu, an associate professor in the Haas School of Business and Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute at UC Berkeley. “Instead of ‘I just gambled but maybe I shouldn’t have,’ it is, ‘Last round I gambled and that was a really good choice.’ Or, ‘I played it safe last time but should have gone for it.’” The UC Berkeley study is one of a small but growing number of studies that record fast human brain activity – a thousand measurements per second – to reveal the complex array of operations underlying every decision we make, even those that may seem trivial. The researchers focused on the brain’s orbitofrontal cortex, long-known to be involved in reward processing and social interactions. Indeed, it was one of the main sites of damage in the well-known case involving 19th century railroad worker Phineas Gage, whose left frontal cortex was destroyed after an explosion drove an iron bar through his head. The damage altered his personality, making him impulsive and uninhibited – seemingly a man who didn’t regret any act, no matter how disastrous the outcome. In recent decades, the orbitofrontal cortex has been shown to be involved in how people value their choice options, how much regret they felt, how much risk they were taking and how valuable their choice was, all of which guide future choices or help someone appraise how good or bad the outcome was.

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Gambling Executives Buy Up Stock as U.S. Rolls Out Sports Betting

Executives at other gambling companies have snapped up their own stocks as well in a flurry of buying that follows a May Supreme Court decision legalizing sports betting. The open-market purchase was Wilmott’s first in four years, and the biggest by any executive or director at the regional gambling company in terms of both volume of stock and market value since at least 2003. That’s as far back as online SEC records go. Wilmott joined Penn National in February 2008 as president and chief operating officer, and was named CEO in November 2013. Over two days in August 2014, Wilmott bought 50,000 Penn National shares for $523,000.

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